Tyabb and District Ratepayers

Business & Environmental Group Inc

Our Objective

Develop, Improve and Assist The Tyabb Community and Environment


Our Story

Tyabb & District Ratepayers, Business & Environmental Group

Is a group of like minded local community members and businessmen formed in 1997.

The intention of the group was to have meaningful input in the development of Tyabb and the local district, to maintain the local amenity and allow residents to live in a peaceful secure and healthy environment. A place where people can live in peace and harmony. 

What We Are

We are a group of residents that care about our community and the people that live here.

We are a lobby group, we lobby the Federal, State and Local Governments to receive a fair and equitable outcome for our community.

We support our local schools kindergarten sporting groups and clubs. We support our elderly citizens and community businesses.

We respect and maintain our environment. 

What We Don't Need For Our Community

We don't need out of town business people such as the Airfield operators or the Quarry operators destroying our lifestyle.

We Don't need a huge open cut Quarry in our back yard.

We Don't need the Tyabb ALA to have longer runways more hangers more aircraft, continual noise day and night.  

What We want For Our


We want a healthy safe and secure community for our local residents and children, an area where people want to live and their investments will grow.

Tyabb & District Ratepayers Achievements

Recent community achievements by the ratepayer group include,

Clifford Bushland Reserve development.

Traffic Light Installation at the corner of Frankston Flinders Rd and Mornington Tyabb Rd.

Footpath Installation on Mornington Tyabb Rd.

Footpath Installation Stuart Rd.

Rebuilding of Tyabb War Memorial.

Tyabb Place marking project.

Annual organisation and coordination of Anzac day memorial service.

Boes Rd - Graydens Rd Roundabout