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Snappy new way to report problems, complaints to local councils

It seems to be the latest way to report complaints 

and problems to local councils and it does not involve picking up the phone or talking to someone.

The mobile phone application, Snap Send Solve is the latest way to do it.

The app was developed by Melbourne based IT expert, Danny Gorog who was inspired by his own council experience.

"I was in the park one day and there was a broken swing and I thought, how would I report this to council and wouldn't it be great if I had an app that I could snap a photo of it," he said.

"An app that worked out where I was and I just sent the report to the right spot."

It allows anyone with the app to report a variety of issues to council, ranging from broken play equipment, graffiti, parking issues and noise complaints.

Using the GPS on the mobile phone, it tracks down the closest council and you simply take a photo and send it in an email to the right council.

"They typically monitor their email, as they would a phone and they respond to people as per their response requirements," Mr Gorog said.

Damaged roads and pavements represent over a quarter of complaints made in Victoria, while parking violations were top of the list for Melburnians.

Graffiti was another major concern, topping the list both across the state and in Melbourne.

Up to 50,000 people are using the app and so far 60 councils across the country now feature the app on their websites.

"The latest version has added water authorities, so if you're reporting a leaking fire hydrant, it's the water authorities' problem not the council, so it goes directly to the water authority," Mr Gorog said.

"We've been approached by lots of other authorities, power authorities, universities for example, everyone who wants to come on board to make Snap Solve the one app to report issues."

Hobsons Bay Mayor Angela Altair says the app has proved to be a positive way to connect digitally and instantly with the community.

"It means we are able to increase engagement with community members and respond to their needs as quickly as possible," she said.

"We're exploring integrating the smartphone application into our website and recommending the system to our residents."

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