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Develop, Improve and Assist The Tyabb Community and Environment

Tyabb ALA Expansion

The Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan was passed by the Councillors at a planning meeting on 4th December 2017, the Tyabb Ratepayers group requested the Shire Council to postpone the meeting until early 2018 to allow for further discussion, The Council denied this request.

The helipad partially funded by the Shire council is now operating and Jet fuel is accessible 24 hours a day allowing helicopter operation at Tyabb 24 hours/day seven days a week

This aerial photograph of Tyabb Community and the adjacent Tyabb Authorised Landing Area highlights the danger to Tyabb community members and property if there was to be a major air crash at Tyabb. in the past there have been many incidents and accidents at and around Tyabb. With the current push by the Peninsula Aero Club to expand further, this is evident by the

growth in aircraft hangers and the proposed widening of the runway by PAC. Further expansion means more aircraft at Tyabb and more aircraft movements at Tyabb and a greater chance of accidents.

One reason we oppose further growth the more aircraft at Tyabb the more aircraft movements at Tyabb and the more likelihood of accidents

Another reason we oppose further growth is aircraft are excessively noisy and this noise pollution both day and night is not acceptable